Welcome to ZAO! I'm Grace Rockwell.


Zao is the expression of the life and confidence I've built through movement and nutrition. My mission is to help you create the strongest, healthiest, and most vibrant version of yourself in both your mind AND your body. I do this using a combination of fitness, holistic nutrition, and lifestyle coaching that caters to each individual.

I'm not here to put you on a restrictive diet or give you a laundry list of foods you can't eat. You've probably tried many forms of that approach and are tired of spinning your wheels. My method goes deeper by addressing the underlying issues: unhealthy habits, lack of skills for dealing with setbacks, and unhelpful thoughts and beliefs.  

I am a certified nutrition consultant, a coach for Awaken Gymnastics and Orange Theory Fitness, and certified personal trainer. I also have a background in teaching yoga, cycle, ballet barre, and boot-camp style classes. When I'm not doing handstands or experimenting in the kitchen, you can find me exploring the outdoors, hiking, trail running, biking, climbing, and handstanding.