Take the Guesswork Out.

There are enough opinions and fad diets out there to make us all crazy, and you don't have to navigate them alone. Let me help you by finding what your unique body needs to be strong, vibrant, and healthy.  Whether you're trying to lose weight, boost energy, or manage a specific health condition, I have something for you.

What makes my programs different? 

Your health is my first priority, and I give you more than calories to count and macros to measure. I make sure your hormones, gut, immune system, and mental health are in tip top shape as you work toward your goals. I also teach you the skills you need to maintain your health for the long run. When you run into obstacles along the way, I offer you the information, support, and accountability you need to overcome them. 


Zao Elevate is a women's only nutrition therapy program for women struggling with depression, anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, and/or cravings.  Click HERE for a detailed overview of the program. 

Time commitment: 6 weeks

Investment: $485

The Goods:

  • Hormone, brain chemistry, and dietary assessment

  • Four 30-60 minute one-on-one sessions with me

  • The ZAO Elevate Diet Protocol for mood balance

  • Supplement recommendations specific to your needs

  • Lifestyle habits for sustaining mental and emotional health

  • Complete guide to choosing and buying supplements including brand recommendations

  • Assistance with further testing where necessary; hormone levels, amino acid levels, allergy testing, etc.


Time commitment: 1 week

investment: $125

The Goods:

  • Comprehensive health, lifestyle, and nutrition assessment

  • Personalized recommendations and nutrition protocols

  • Supplement recommendations if necessary

  • 1 90 minute session


Time commitment: 3 months

investment: $595

The Goods:

  • Full health assessment

  • Personalized recommendations and nutrition protocols

  • Supplement recommendations when necessary

  • Educational handouts and other helpful tools

  • 1 7-day personalized meal plan

  • 3 60 minute sessions (in person or via web)

  • 4 30 minute follow-up sessions (via phone or Skype)

  • Ongoing education, support, and accountability

Single session: $85

We all need accountability and direction. A single session can provide that for you when you find yourself getting stuck, running into unexpected obstacles, or your meal plan needs adjusting.  



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